The demanding intricacies of modern business require Business Leaders to manage a “Living” organization. Changes in everything from our societal economic structure to technology enhancements relegate the need for continuous strategic change in order to stay competitive.

Norhurst has assembled a Team of Business Educated, “Forward Thinking” professionals who understand how modern business works within our ever-changing societal structures. Our team ensures your organization is able to leverage existing investments while developing solutions that allow your organization to stay competitive. The mainstay of these developmental ideas focus on Best Practice Industry Technology and Business Operations coupled with detailed training and knowledge transfer that ensures “ease of use” to your organization.


Our concentrated Integrated Business Solutions include the following:

 Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management is a formal business process designed to define and understand the inter-business activities of your organization. Knowledge is gained not only as to how your business operates within its specific industry, but also the business unique daily operations that make your organization distinct. Based on information gained, Norhurst builds a detailed data model of your organization’s complete business operations which is measureable in the areas of cost and time. Norhurst then audits your organization’s business operations data model against current Best Practice Standards as it relates to operations, production, sales, and logistics.


Business Process Re-Engineering

Adding a new product line, upgrading technologies, or re-engineering a new business process all present specific challenges for business leaders. A tailored solution that reduces operational downtime while cutting operational cost must be developed that specifically matches your business. It is important to note that every solution is different. In order for re-engineering to work effectively it must be business specific to your organization – not generic or industry specific. The challenges your organization faces on a daily basis must be identified so that individual business solutions can be developed. Norhurst will work with your Business Leaders to develop your specific solution and to determine how these changes will affect the entire organization. The re-engineered solution will be mapped to every department so that operations are work-flowed in order to determine “Effect Results”. Once the results are measured and validated to cost and time improvements, the solution will be confirmed and the implementation process can begin.


Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security relates to the policies and procedures effectively protecting your organization. Areas of your organization that may be exposed to criminal misconduct or procedural inadequacies should have a security solution implemented that requires a Separation of Duties (SOD). This business practice relegates having more than one person or system operation required to complete a task. The concept dictates that by requiring the organizational sensitive task to have the authorization of more than one individual or system it shall prevent that task from fraud or error. Norhurst works with your organization to identify Business Sensitive operational tasks that may be exposed to fraud or error. We then work with your Business Leaders to build in redundancies that require multiple eyes and multiple authorization for each task before that task can be completed. The challenge Norhurst meets is to create a procedure that allows security but does not impede your business daily operations.