Norhurst offers End to End project support. A highly trained team of professionals in your line of business will speak directly with your organization to understand your business need. Based on the initial consultation, Norhurst will put together an outline detailing the opportunity for your organization and submit an outline summarizing the scope of effort, associated deliverables, and a Fixed Fee Cost Estimate. Norhurst performs all project work on a Single Priced Fixed Fee that includes all associated man hours, travel expenses, reports, and deliverables. We have found that a single “Fixed” project Fee allows your organization to cost a specific budget with no surprises.

When confirmed to implement the solution, our team will come on-site and work with your organization to develop a detailed Scope of Work which will include a confirmed scope of effort, implementation plan, timeline, and deliverables for the project. The end product will be an extremely detailed Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) that has been developed by our team of industry professionals and Key Business Leaders from your organization.

Based on the confirmed Project Plan of Action, a team consisting of both Norhurst industry professionals and your organizations Team Leads will be developed. In addition, a Project Lead from Norhurst and your organization will be confirmed. Each team member will be selected for their specific skill-set and abilities to provide value to the project. Once the team is assembled and confirmed by your organization, the project “Kick-Off” will commence where “All Hands” will meet and the detailed Plan of Action will be disseminated to the team.

Daily operations and project management will be conducted by the Project Leads. A detailed Project Status-Summary Report (PSR) will be provided to your organization business leaders every week. In addition, any issues will be specifically addressed and tracked separately on an Issue Resolution-Summary Report (IRR).

Prior to the completion of the project, the Project Team Leads will meet with your organizations Business Leaders to discuss the completed project deliverables in detail. The project will not be “Closed” until all associated project deliverables are completed to your organizations satisfaction.

Norhurst guarantee’s all project work will be completed “On Time” and to the specific standards required by your organization.