You know your business and what it takes to run it effectively. However, there may be times when your organization needs outside personnel in response to employee absences, temporary skill-set market shortages, or project support. With the constantly changing workplace environment and increased optempo of modern business, organizations are continually faced with the shuffling and arrangements of personnel. Companies consistently face the need to increase their manpower but the task can be costly and time consuming.

Norhurst will assist your organization in responding to the business personnel objectives in your work place. The advantage of this approach is that our professionals will leverage your organizations existing resources to qualify the Norhurst temporary contract workers. This allows your organization leaders to let the business grow while keeping an eye on resources and personnel costs.

The cost benefit of staff augmentation can be quantifiably measured across every department in terms of time and revenue gained. This solution allows your organization to increase their staffing capabilities by utilizing Best in Practice temporary contract workers to grow your business without hiring additional employees. This is a flexible solution that puts skilled temporary contractors into place wherever they are needed with minimal disruption to your organizations existing process flow.

Staff Augmentation generally carries a low-risk as no long term commitments or investments are involved. Resources are hired on a short-term basis so there is not much internal resistance. Overall, Staff Augmentation is a quick and effective means to fulfilling your organizations temporary work requirements at sustainable costs while allowing your business leaders the opportunity to permanently staff only when your business is at a sustainable growth.


Staff Augmentation Areas of Expertise

– Executive Administration
– Human Resources, Benefits Administration
– Finance, Fixed Assets, Cost Accounting
– IT , Database Management, Network Engineers
– SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft
– Project and Program Management
– Help Desk Support
– Call Center Support
– Inside and Outside Sales Support
– Field Engineers, Field Service Workers